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Talking About The Operation Method Of Industrial Tumble Dryer

Industrial Tumble Dryer heat source from the combustion device, the dryer using downstream heating method. So the need to dry the material, from the feed box, feed slip into the cylinder, that is, by the screw plate to push back. As the dryer tilted place, the material on the one hand in the gravity and rotation under the action of the back to the back, on the other hand the material is copied repeatedly copied, brought to the top and then continue to spread down, so that the material in the tube to form a uniform screen Curtain, full of hot air with the tube for heat exchange, as the material repeatedly Yang Sa, the moisture contained in the drying, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

Industrial Tumble Dryer operation method: 1, open the dryer inlet, the dewatered fabric into the push Jane, and then the door closed lock. 2, select the appropriate time, the timing knob to rotate the desired position. 3, press the button to start the drum and exhaust fan for normal drying work. (In the drying process should always be observed from the observation window was drying fabric, once the accident immediately cut off the power.) 4, electric heating dryer boot: (refer to the electric dryer operating manual) connected to power, Open the dryer computer controller switch (motor and heating function that is working at the same time), in order to ensure that the cold state of the drum can be quickly increased the temperature can be a little off the back of the dryer below the exhaust valve (but not completely Closed), until the machine temperature rises to a certain level, and then make adjustments. The machine temperature reaches the controller set temperature, the heating element to stop heating, the machine automatically heat. 5, the temperature control: the machine temperature control, if you need to change the control temperature, the adjustment method can be seen in the millivolt meter manual.

6, the operation must pay attention to; (l) must be closed when the feed lock, before starting, the machine stops running, and then open the door to remove the fabric, so as to avoid accidents. (2) often clean the fan fan filter, to maintain the wind is normal. (3) steam dryer, should always pay attention to the pressure of the smooth, smooth flow of water. (4) electric type due to the use of energy efficient heating pipe, the use of the machine should be reliable grounding, the grounding device must meet the relevant national standards.